//Baygon EC 20 insecticide
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Baygon EC 20 insecticide

Baygon EC 20 insecticide


Baygon EC 20 is a carbamate insecticide which has a very broad spectrum of activity used for controlling various species of household and public health pests.

The active ingredient, Propoxur, is essentially a contact and stomach poison. If effectively kills most species of crawling insects (cockroaches, ticks, ants, silverfishes, scorpions, flea larvae, earwigs, etc.).

Baygon produces a rapid knockdown effect with long residual action. It also has an excellent flushing action and provides control of insects which have become resistant to chlorinated hydrocarbons and organophosphates.

        Where to use Baygon

Baygon is best use where both knockdown and long-lasting residual action is required

This refers to areas such as commercial and food processing establishments, offices, factories, store rooms, hospitals, schools, hotels, theaters, dwelling houses, military barracks, stables, ships, etc.

Added: 21.02.2012, Renewed: 21.02.2012

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